Radiology Partners

The Customer

Radiology Partners is the largest physician-led and physician-owned radiology practice in the U.S., with more than 700 radiologists serving approximately 500 hospitals and outpatient centers in 14 states. Radiology Partners currently uses ServiceNow as a solid foundation for ITSM.

The Challenge

With how expansive Radiology Partners' network of radiologists is, each region faces unique challenges in supporting the business. Since each region has its own, unique challenges it also has its own business objectives and metrics that they need to have visibility into. With the availability of Radiology Partner's directors and VP's at a premium, they need to get insights into their metrics as quickly as possible so they can focus their time on more meaningful work. To add an additional layer on top of this, some of the executives only need a window into their own regional data while other executives needed to be able to navigate efficiently between various regional data.

The Solution

Radiology Partners was able to leverage the VividCharts data visualization platform to create a consumerized reporting portal for their executives. This reporting portal allows the directors and VP's to navigate to a single URL which automatically routes them to the dashboards that are catered to them and shows them visuals relevant to their daily operations. With presentation-quality dashboards ready to serve up real time insights, this decreased the need for manual reports to be run in tools such as Excel. One of the key areas VividCharts can add value is the ability to create completely themed and branded dashboards within the Service Portal.

Radiology Partners wanted to gain high-level insights into some of their core process areas to help with allocation decisions. Some of these are which locations are most active, which team members are busiest, and which days of the week and month are most active. These breakdowns become available for a given region by clicking the regional navigation buttons near the top of the dashboard.

The Implementation Process

Radiology Partners, VividCharts, and Radiology Partners' existing implementation partner, CloudPires, worked in conjunction to design, build, and deliver the executive dashboards to Radiology Partners' leadership. This implementation had a tight deadline of under a month so all teams worked seamlessly to build the solution out. After the initial push to production, new visualizations have been added as new groups and regions join the growing Radiology Partners' team.

The Results

As a result of implementing VividCharts, Radiology Partners was able to offer simple to use and consumerized dashboards geared towards storytelling to directors and VP's across multiple regions who previously had either limited insight into their ServiceNow operations or had to work through their admin teams to manually aggregate the needed data points. Radiology Partners' ServiceNow admin teams' time is always at a premium, so this has allowed them to reallocate time to more meaningful work such as focusing on executing their ServiceNow roadmap.

July 12, 2018

Mitch Stutler

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