Content + Context = Compelling Narrative

The point of analyzing data and tracking business metrics, is to illustrate how an organization is performing in areas that either cost money, make money, or increase/decrease risk. If a metric is indicating movement in one of these areas, there has to be underlying reasons that help explain why the data is showing what it shows. These reasons can be discovered in the data, as well as within the minds of the teams that are operational in that given area, and that is why they are responsible for presenting updates on periodic timeframes to their different leadership groups.


A modern operational presentation absolutely has to be driven by data. Organizations are spending incredible amounts of money on creating, storing, and analyzing data around internal processes because they want to use it to drive greater efficiencies, and new ways of generating revenue. This data should always be the backbone, the key content, that a presentation is driven by. This could come in the form of a simple Dollar Score the total spend for a given business unit on cloud storage, or a more layered visualization like a Stacked Bar Chart showing different incident categories stacked by the contact type.

This data-based content is what drives modern presentations and business conversations. Organizations should be investing in technologies that eliminate the need to manually prepare this type of content on a monthly basis. Data lives in machines and platforms that have advanced ways of slicing and displaying data, so expensive human capital should not be used to prepare data in the same exact way each month. That human time should be dedicated to providing the valuable operational Context behind that data….


Context is the crucial piece that allows a story to be crafted alongside your data. You see and read about the era of big data, but what is lost in that narrative is the human necessity to pair trends and correlations to operational decisions that were made due to certain constraints. This is where your organization’s valuable, well compensated, human talent should be focused. Your machines should be automatically calculating the total cloud spend for a business unit, while your operational talent should be pairing that metric with high level details of new business initiatives driving that metric in one direction or another.

Leadership teams want thoughtful presentations that teach them something they didn’t know about their business, both from vendors and their internal teams, but this is difficult for teams to deliver when they have to spend large amounts of time just prepping data. When the data is prepped and ready in a presentation vehicle, more of their energy is freed up to craft a more compelling Why behind their data, creating a more impactful, actionable presentation.

VividCharts sits directly in ServiceNow, and acts as an easy way to automate your data prep so each month when it comes time to present, your data is already loaded in a presentation vehicle like a slide deck or infographic, and you can immediately add your valuable operational insights to truly teach leadership something something new and valuable.

January 21, 2019

Rob Walsh

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