If you are using Customer Service Management in ServiceNow, the chances are that you’re also leveraging the Service Portal to allow your customers to interact with you. The CSM Service Portal gives you the ability to offer an incredible customer experience which in turn leads to incredible customer satisfaction levels. You have the opportunity to elevate the customer satisfaction levels by leveraging embedded analytics within your CSM Service Portal.

CSM Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics is the intersection of reporting and the tools that allow users to get work done. In the case of ServiceNow CSM, the tool your customers use is the Service Portal. Customers come to your Service Portal to manage their relationship with you and your products. I challenge you to give a survey to your customer base asking if they would find reporting capabilities embedded in your Service Portal useful and I bet you will get close to a unanimous “YES!”. Below we’ll talk about some of the ways you will see ROI on offering your customers embedded analytics in the context of ServiceNow CSM.

Easily Accessible Data

Everyone wants to get the insights provided by reporting and data visualization relative to the processes and tools they are using, but rarely do they want to go through the hassle of using a different tool or going through a middle-man to get them. How often do your customers send you an email asking for a particular data point such as the number of cases they opened against your products? How often do your customers ask for an export of their data so they can take it to a disparate tool to report on it? By adding these key reports and data visualizations directly into the Service Portal you offer your customers, you will see drastic decreases in both of these scenarios.

Reduce Mutual Service Costs

A huge advantage of using ServiceNow for CSM is the ability to reduce service costs by automating the common workflow associated with managing and supporting your products. Embedded analytics allows you AND your customers to experience reductions in costs associated with your products. By offering reporting and data visualization directly in your Service Portal you can expect a decrease in the amount of time your team takes creating and providing ad-hoc reports and data exports for your customers. In turn, this also allows your customers to get insights directly from your Service Portal, so they don’t have to spend time and money reporting in a different tool. Textbook win-win scenario.

Identify Service Patterns

In offering your customers analytics embedded in your Service Portal you are enabling your customers to identify their own service patterns. For example, maybe one of your customers realize that every Wednesday they see an increase in the number of cases their employees open with you. Gaining insights into these service patterns will help you and your customers work together to take a proactive approach going forward.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The real reason all of the previously stated benefits matter is customer satisfaction. We constantly want to elevate the level of service we are offering to our customers to lead to happier customers. If you knew embedded analytics would increase customer satisfaction levels, why wouldn’t you add reporting and data visualization capabilities to your CSM Service Portal?

April 15, 2018

Mitch Stutler

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