At a ServiceNow event this fall, I attended a fireside chat focused around custom app development stories on the Now Platform. Leaders from Toyota North America and 7-Eleven discussed the advantages of developing on the Now Platform. Since that event, I’ve continued to hear from different contacts and content sources, that Custom Platform Apps are going to be a major area of investment for ServiceNow customers in 2019. Let’s have a look at some of the innovations that were discussed, as well as the type of tools and processes these digitization efforts are being aimed at. (Note: VividCharts has no direct affiliation with the companies discussed here)

Toyota North America

Toyota North America started using ServiceNow for IT Ticketing, as many companies do. This was actually key to their decision to use the NOW platform to develop custom apps as well. Because every employee’s info is already in the platform to receive IT Service, applications that involve multiple departments become much easier to deploy.

They have leveraged the Now Platform to create custom applications for anything from payroll processing to car wash management at their service locations, and have continued pointing ServiceNow at any process currently managed via spreadsheet. More on spreadsheets in a minute....


ServiceNow was adopted at 7-Eleven with C-Level buy-in to serve as the Service Management System as a whole for operations across the organization, so custom app development was going to be key from the start. Because it serves as the Service Management hub of the organization, data from many areas of the business flows through the platform, allowing their developers to bring ideas to the table about how it can be leveraged to drive value through custom applications.

7-Eleven has created a culture of business-focused innovation coming from their IT development team because they have a wealth of data flowing through the same platform, and have the ability to spin up and deploy applications extremely quickly. Their systems are so interconnected that just as one example, they plan to use IT incident data to preemptively take down Google listings to mitigate the cost of a bad customer experience due to a POS system being down, talk about customer focused.

With the innovative approach and business focused apps, it was mentioned how ironic it was that the organization was on the innovative path to digitization, yet their org-chart still had to be presented on a stale Powerpoint slide, which brings us to the final point pertaining to VividCharts.

Presenting Data from Custom Apps

The ROI on custom app development on a platform like ServiceNow can we really well measured thanks to the reporting and analytics power baked into the platform. We at VividCharts truly believe that communicating the wins of these development efforts is an absolutely crucial piece to driving digitization efforts across your organization. The results of these projects should be visible in and engaging way to Business Audiences, whether that is through a self-accessed reporting portal, or formal live data slide deck presented by a technical team.

The wins driven by innovative apps should be broadcast to business groups, to continuously spread the mindset of business-focused innovation lead by IT.

December 27, 2018

Rob Walsh

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