If you are using ServiceNow for HR, likely one of the key drivers behind that decision was to create a more consumerized experience for employees when they come to HR with problems or questions, or even in the actual onboarding and offboarding processes. The reason the Service Portal is most often leveraged in these processes, is to give HR teams full control over the end to end employee experience, whether it is just getting a simple question answered, or completing a full cross-department checklist to get employees up and running as quickly as possible when brought onboard! So if such a high value is placed on the consumerized employee service experience, wouldn’t it makes sense to offer an equally engaging experience in your reporting and business review processes?

Service Portal Drives Experience

The Service Portal drives better experiences because of the control you have over the look, feel, and flow of a process. By leveraging the Service Portal for reporting purposes, you create an engaging experience around the act of consuming data and making decisions. Imagine running your Quarterly Business Review with your Leadership directly in a well designed, branded, HR Reporting Portal. Do you think that would be a more engaging experience for your audience?

Presenting where the data is

Presenting data using the Service Portal also allows you to present right where the process data actually is! So, when you are running a presentation, or if an Executive visits your reporting portal on their own, they are looking at truly live data, and have more access than ever before to make quicker, better decisions.

Embedded Analytics

Coming back to the employee experience, why not embed visuals directly in the portals employees are coming to? Visuals can be used to influence action, whether it is displaying real stats to drive employees to self-service options, or encouraging quicker onboarding and offboarding by visually showing how close an employee is to completing their process, having the ability to embed data driven visuals into experiences can really help drive the results you want.

In closing, experience matters not just for employees, but for Leadership and Operational teams that are trying to make better, more data driven decisions. You can create more engaging experiences through branded reporting portals, and embedded analytics.

August 8, 2018

Rob Walsh

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