Knowledge18 in Review

Rob and I had a great week at Knowledge18 where we had the pleasure of talking with and demoing to a crazy number of ServiceNow customers and even ServiceNow teams. When we looked back on the week, we realized that there were some common themes that kept popping up in most of our conversations. I’ll explain a few of these in this post.

Tell a Story With ServiceNow Data

Usually ServiceNow customers know what’s going on in their environments from the standpoints of development, support, and application roadmap. Very frequently there are leadership teams at these customer organizations that don’t have much visibility into the volume of work being done by their ServiceNow teams which can have a negative impact on budgeting or the scale at which they take advantage of the platform. These ServiceNow teams are looking for ways to tell leadership and the rest of the organization the stories of how ServiceNow is adding value to the business.

Customer and Employee Experience

I’m sure all of you caught this theme throughout the Knowledge18 and it’s an important one. People want to enjoy the work they do and they want to enjoy the tools they use to get their work done. Going to work can and should be something that people look forward to and ServiceNow is trying to make that happen. This goes hand-in-hand with the push ServiceNow customers are making to improve their customers’ experience. People want to use consumerized tools that leverage seamlessly embedded analytics.

Meaningful Work

This ties back to the last theme we talked about. Nearly every customer we met with has skilled resources (oftentimes extremely strong with ServiceNow) spending time on a monthly, sometimes weekly, basis pulling data out of ServiceNow in order to prep it for periodic presentations. These customers are looking for ways to free these skilled resources up so they can focus on more meaningful and important work which will ultimately lead to a better employee and customer experience.

As mentioned, these are just a few of the many things we heard from customers last week. People really want to create transparency into the value ServiceNow is bringing to the table and they want to be doing work they are qualified to do. I’d love to hear some of your takeaways from Knowledge18 so please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at!

May 15, 2018

Mitch Stutler

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