October Release

Today, we published the 2.18.10 release of VividCharts to the ServiceNow Store. This new VividCharts release is the most feature-packed release to date. Below, I’ll detail a couple of the most impactful features and what they mean for you going forward. This release is a big step in our continual direction of helping our customers get the most out of their ServiceNow data.

Visual Hub UI Upgrades

We’ve overhauled how you create VividCharts’ visuals to make data visualization less daunting. There are tooltips along every step of the way to help keep you from getting lost. Along with this, we’ve made it easier to select your data source (and have added the ability to anchor to an out-of-the-box Report Source).

We’ve also added a simpler interface that gives you more control over how your visuals present. This is an area that you’re going to see us continually build and improve on to give you as much flexibility as possible. By the way, you can now see live previews of your VividCharts visuals to see what your selected options are going to look like.

Embedded Scores

Another feature we’ve added in this release is the ability to add dynamic Embedded Scores into text within your VividCharts Narratives and dashboards. This plays into our well-stated goal of helping you tell stories with your data. These Embedded Scores align with the industry’s direction of making interactions with your data as natural as possible.

We are constantly looking (and listening) for new ways to help you do more with your ServiceNow data. This release is going to help you create more VividCharts experts in your organization and in turn help you get the most out of VividCharts and ServiceNow. We only covered a couple of the features added in this release; if you want to hear about more please don’t hesitate to reach out!

October 15, 2018

Mitch Stutler

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