Wall dashboards can be used for various situations such as a team dashboard tracking KPI’s, a control room system status dashboard, or even live infographic dashboards. An additional, unplanned benefit of using a wall dashboard can be team building. If you can build a dashboard with team-centric metrics, you can get a group working together to see their metrics positively reflected in real-time. Here are a few steps that can help you build your own:

Know the hardware you’re working with

Obviously, you’re going to need to know the size and resolution of the monitor or TV your dashboard will be displayed on. This will let you know what kind of screen space you’re working with.

The second thing you need is a tool to open a browser and display your data. There are a lot of options out there, but what we use in the VividCharts headquarters is the Asus Chromebit. These look a lot like a USB thumb drive except they plug directly into an HDMI port. These Chromebits are micro-computers that run Chrome OS and are ideal for digital signage like this because they can open a browser window. You can usually find these for roughly $80.

Read the room

Now that you know the hardware available, get a feel for how big the room is and how far away the people using this dashboard will need to be able to read the metrics from. This will guide your styling choice from the standpoint of sizing scores and charts.

Insights at a glance

As always, your dashboard should be designed to give valuable insights quickly. In the wall dashboard scenario, this is especially important. You’ll want to make sure the most important metrics can be easily read throughout the room. If you overload your dashboard with too many charts, you’re going to detract from how quickly the insights can be gained.

Create a focused dashboard with only the most important metrics and make sure they are easily understood.


There are endless ways a wall dashboard can help your organization. Just make sure you follow a good dashboard design process to ensure that they are useful to the people who will be seeing them. If you set up some wall dashboards, send us some pictures!

Between you and me (and anyone else who reads this), wall dashboards are my favorite. I always get that high-tech vibe when I walk into a customer’s office and they have big monitors hanging on the wall showing the teams how they’re doing.

February 5, 2018

Mitch Stutler

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