Does your team have any periodic meetings that require someone spending time prepping a report or agenda? If so, you should think about building a visual agenda directly in ServiceNow. A visual agenda is a collection of information, charts, or records configured in a way that facilitates an efficient meeting. Below, we’ll look at a few of the ways a visual agenda can help your team.

Central Location

There are multiple benefits to building your visual agendas and running your meetings directly in ServiceNow such as no data exporting, easy access, and the visual agendas become actionable.

If you build your visual agenda in ServiceNow, you won’t need to pull data out of ServiceNow. Also, a visual agenda built in ServiceNow allows all of your team members to view the agenda easily regardless of whether or not they are onsite. These visual agendas are accessible on demand so you are always viewing real-time data. Since your team is viewing these visual agendas in ServiceNow, you have the added benefit of driving work directly out of the visual agenda by clicking into real, editable records.

Eliminate Prep Time

Many teams are spending time before every regularly scheduled meeting to prep reports or agendas to be used during those these meetings. Oftentimes it’s pulling data out of ServiceNow to crunch some numbers in Excel or sometimes people are actually taking screenshots of charts and pasting them into PowerPoint slides. If you build these visual agendas directly in ServiceNow, you can eliminate this prep time. You will have your data formatted how you need it and whenever you need it.

Structured Meetings

By creating a visual agenda template in ServiceNow you can add structure and consistency across all of your meetings. The only thing that will be different about these is the data that’s being viewed. A structured meeting format is going to get your team used to what to expect and in turn increase the productivity of these meetings.


If your team is currently spending time prepping for meetings that use ServiceNow data, you should seriously consider building a visual agenda in ServiceNow. These visual agendas can help you save your team’s collective time by running more efficient meetings and getting work done on the spot.

February 20, 2018

Mitch Stutler

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