Robert Fedoruk Joins VividCharts as New CXO

VividCharts, a ServiceNow Elite Partner and the winner of the ServiceNow 2019 CreatorCon Challenge, has named Robert Fedoruk as Chief Experience Officer (CXO). Robert will apply his 12 years of ServiceNow platform experience to drive new value for VividCharts’ customer base, by bringing a range of vertical solutions to market.

Robert started his ServiceNow journey as one of the first customers. Since then his accolades have included 7 ServiceNow Knowledge speaking engagements, 4 hackathon victories, and multiple years in the top 10 contributors to the ServiceNow Community. He’s become one of the most trusted and leading voices in the industry.

“Robert joining the VividCharts team is a massive win for our customer base, and the ServiceNow ecosystem as a whole. Robert has become one of the most respected voices in the space because of his passion for the Now platform, and his history of solving big problems with solid architecture. His impact at VividCharts will be felt across the industry.” - Rob Walsh, VividCharts CMO

“I couldn’t be happier to join the VividCharts team. Their product amplifies a message that has resonated from the very beginning: the data we collect in ServiceNow tells a valuable story. If you’re not telling a story with your data, you’re wasting time and money. Every time I see a VividChart, I think ‘now this is making ServiceNow work for you’”. - Robert Fedoruk, VividCharts CXO

November 5, 2019

Rob Walsh

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