4 Reasons Why Stale Slide Decks Won’t Scale for Your ServiceNow Team

The slide deck presentation is a corporate staple. It’s been a constant when it comes to communicating with key stakeholders for decades, and for good reason too. When you are trying to educate an audience outside of their area of expertise, it is crucial to present data alongside context driving insights into WHY the metrics are what they are. The problem is, building slide decks takes time, and the effort spent isn’t what many technical employees would consider “high value work.”

1. Time limits

Good luck finding a ServiceNow team that isn’t time strapped. Just the workloads of maintaining an ITSM implementation of ServiceNow is enough to fill up a team calendar, and keeping key Business Units and Leadership teams informed is work that has to be done, regardless of how manual and time consuming the prep work is. Then you start throwing that same team implementations in new areas…

2. Expansion of ServiceNow into HR, Customer Service, PPM, this list goes on

Rarely does adoption of the ServiceNow platform stop in IT. Word gets out in an organization, and other teams start looking to IT to help them take their processes from untracked emails and spreadsheets, to governed process workflows. That ServiceNow team now finds themselves with technical oversight of processes for HR tickets, Customer Service requests, and Project Portfolio timelines, and of course they are also responsible for manually pulling reports and data so the results of those process changes are communicated to leadership. The workload grows…

3. Your technical resources want to do technical work

Surprising right? Your technical staff actually prefers to do the technical work that they put a lot of time and effort into developing skills for. We’ve heard in field conversations that bi-weekly, stale slide presentations are taking 10+ hours to create, and the same or more can be said for a Quarterly Business Review slide deck. This means a team lead could be sinking 70+ hours into building periodic presentations every quarter. This time could be better spent.

4. There are other companies that would love to have your technical talent

I personally keep tabs on ServiceNow Technical job postings, and there are no shortage of them. Consulting firms looking for Solutions Consultants and Architects, and ServiceNow Customers looking for Admins, Developers, and Platform Owners. Your technical talent is without question being reached out to by recruiters trying to lure them into a role that puts their highly valued skills to use. You should always be looking to do the same through eliminating manual prep work, and directing that time towards tasks that require their high value technical context and skills.

Shameless Product Plug

So what’s the answer here? VividCharts Narratives allows slide decks to not only sit directly in ServiceNow with real-time data, but for templates to be re-used so manual prep time is cut down for Periodic Presentations. With Narratives, your technical talent spends their time adding the valuable technical context behind the data, so the presentation is more meaningful for both the creator, and the audience.

December 3, 2018

Rob Walsh

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