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We’ve always offered presentation-quality charts and visuals, but now we’re offering our customers a way to create presentations directly in ServiceNow. We initially wanted to help our customers stop using Excel for any sort of reporting with ServiceNow data and now we have our sights set on PowerPoint. You know the state of your ServiceNow landscape, VividCharts Narratives gives you the ability to tell the story of your ServiceNow data and back it up with real time data and visuals. Below are some of the benefits:

Diminish or Eliminate Prep-time

Nearly every customer we’ve met with has skilled ServiceNow resources that are spending time on a periodic basis prepping Excel and PowerPoint reports. Using VividCharts Narratives you can now create a Narrative template that allows you to eliminate prep-time by using real time ServiceNow data so you can give a presentation on a moment’s notice. Let your talented teammates focus on more meaningful ServiceNow work.

Keep Data in ServiceNow

Organizations are increasingly using ServiceNow in non-traditional ways and areas of their businesses. As you continue to consolidate your apps into ServiceNow the benefits of related data in your instance continues to grow. By keeping your data in ServiceNow, you can ensure that there won’t be any data-lag when viewing a presentation. Also, pulling data out of ServiceNow can potentially be insecure and is certainly error-prone if being manually manipulated for reports.

Actionable Presentations

VividCharts Narratives gives you the ability to make your presentations actionable. Someone has a question about why a certain visual has a certain value? No problem, let’s click into that data to investigate and take action. This also ties back into the last point of the benefits of keeping your data in ServiceNow: you can work more efficiently by having immediate access to the underlying data in your ServiceNow instance.

VividCharts Narratives will be available in our July release. If you have any questions or would like to see a demo, just drop me a note.

June 11, 2018

Mitch Stutler

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