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2,000 to 5,000
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* Discounting mechanisms are communicated on initial joint meeting. ** Rates are subject to change.
*** Rate is for a single production instance and unlimited subproduction instances.
**** Different pricing may apply for Managed Service Providers.
***** Rates valid through end of 2019.

A VividCharts investment for your organization will range between [[ minCost ]] and [[ maxCost ]] per year based on the discounting mechanisms you elect to participate in.

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VividCharts licensing was designed to be simple. A single, flat rate allows you to use VividCharts across the whole organization without the headache of licensing implications.
Some other areas that will help your VividCharts return on investment are:
  • Mitigated costs of not having real time data
  • Actionable insights directly in ServiceNow that can tie into your business processes
  • Peace of mind of keeping your data in ServiceNow