Pricing and ROI

Fill in a few of these inputs to see VividCharts' pricing and ROI for your organization. The only input that affects pricing is your company size, the rest of these are to help calculate how much money VividCharts can help your organization save or make.
1. How many employees does your company have?
Less than 2,000
2,000 to 5,000
More than 5,000
2. How many hours does your company spend each month prepping data from ServiceNow for presentations or reports?

[[ wastedHours ]] hours you can save a month

3. How many more users could you offer consumerized reporting to by leveraging the ServiceNow Service Portal?

Better experience for [[ newAudience ]] users

4. Data visualization can be a powerful tool for telling the story of your environment to leadership. How much annual budget are you trying to defend or promote?

Share the story of how $[[ budget | number : 0 ]] is being put to use


VividCharts can help you save and protect $[[ totalSavings | number : 0 ]] a year

VividCharts costs [[ sizeCost ]] per year for a company of your size

VividCharts licensing was designed to be simple. A single, flat rate allows you to use VividCharts across the whole organization without the headache of licensing implications.
Some other areas that will help your VividCharts return on investment are:
  • Mitigated costs of not having real time data
  • Actionable insights directly in ServiceNow that can tie into your business processes
  • Peace of mind of keeping your data in ServiceNow

* Rates based on 3 year agreement. ** Rates are subject to change.
*** Rate is for a single production instance and unlimited subproduction.
**** Different pricing may apply for Managed Service Providers customers.
***** Rates starting April 1st, 2019.