The number of workflows and data living in your ServiceNow instance is growing daily as you expand on the platform...


With this expansion comes a growing demand for data across your enterprise. Executives, Business Stakeholders, and End Users want to make data-driven decisions, but are often stuck waiting on monthly reports and presentations to get updates.

These groups are kept waiting on reports and presentations because the creation process is highly manual, and being done by extremely busy, highly skilled staff.

Over 90% of organizations are pulling data out of ServiceNow to use tools such as Excel, PowerPoint, or External BI tools to create manual presentations

There's a Better Way

VividCharts offers a way to deliver extremely high quality reports, dashboards, and presentations directly in ServiceNow, that don't require you to build and re-build the same thing every month.

VividCharts is a ServiceNow Technology Partner with our data presentation platform available in the ServiceNow Store. VividCharts is built entirely on top of ServiceNow which means that you can start creating things like slide decks and infographics without pulling data out of your ServiceNow instance. Best part? You don't have to manually update your data for periodic presentations.