Donut Matrix

Best for comparing the size of isolated groups of data as separate donut charts.


Palette uses the colors from the selected palette to make up the slice colors.

Group by Required. The field that will make up individual donut chart groups.

Second group by Required. The field that will make up the donut slices within each donut chart group.

Limit Required. Determines how many donuts will be displayed.

Clickable if selected, allows users to click to open a list of the data making up the donut charts.

Click through if Clickable is selected, this optional field allows you to set the url suffix that the click should lead to. Defaults to the out-of-the-box list page if left empty.

Display legend if selected, displays the legened for the slice colors.

Display Axis Line if selected, displays horizontal lines under each donut.

Ignore filters if selected and if there are filters defined for the dashboard, this chart will ignore the filters.

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