PA Stacked Area

Best for visualizing Performance Analytics indicator breakdown data over time to compare breakdown values relative to each other.


PA Breakdown Required. The Performance Analytics breakdown for the selected indicator to create the separate area streams.

Palette uses the colors from the selected palette.

Prior periods the number of previous indicator scores to be displayed.

Aggregate if the indicator has aggregates available, this allows you to select which aggregate to display.

Display legend displays a legend for the colors of the lines.

Forecast display forecast values if available.

Forecast box if forecast values are being displayed, this will draw a box around the forecast values.

Curve type how the line chart curve is calculated. Try some of these out to get a feel for what works best for you.

Date format sets the date format for the X-axis.

Clickable determines whether or not this chart has click-through functionality. If set to true, this will default to the out-of-the-box PA Scorecard or Analytics Hub.

Click through optional. If set, this is the url that the click through functionality will lead to.

Display label if set, this value will be what is displayed as the chart title. If empty, the name of the chart will be used as the chart title. Set this value to none if you don’t want a chart title to be displayed.

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