Add Page to Narrative

To add an existing page to a VividCharts Narrative, start by navigating to the Narrative record that you want to add the page to. Once you are here, click the Edit button on the Pages related list tab. This will open up a list collector of all Service Portal pages.

From the list collector, search for any Service Portal page that you want to be associated with your Narrative and select it by adding it to the right side of the list collector. Once you have all of the pages you want, click Save and you’ll be returned to the Narrative record.

You can set the order these pages will be displayed in by changing the Order field of the Narrative page record you just created. You can do this by either list editing the cell or clicking into the record, making the change, and saving. If you want a title to display for that particular page, give the Narrative page record you just created a Title If the page that you’ve added contains a VividCharts dashboard, make sure to reference that dashboard in the Narrative page record you just created. Also, any dashboard page that you add needs to use the Narrative Controller instead of the standard Dashboard Controller. This will give you the slide navigational features to move from one page to another.

You can also add pages that don’t contain dashboards. For example, in this screenshot our first page is just a title page and doesn’t have a dashboard. Once you have these configured to your liking, you can view the Narrative by navigating to the first page of your Narrative.

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