Create a Chart

In this example, we’ll create a simple Donut Chart that gives us a view into how our incidents are being opened.

The first step to creating a new chart under your previously created VividCharts dashboard is to click the + Add Chart button on the dashboard detail page of your dashboard. This will take you into a form for a new chart.

For this example, give the following fields these values:

Title Incident Contact Type

Table Incident

Chart type Donut

Conditions Contact type is not empty. Note this example is assuming a near out-of-the-box implementation of ServiceNow Incident Management. If you have a customized instance, you might be using different fields and values.

Group by Contact type

Flexible size True

Display legend True

Once you have these values set, click Save and you will be brought back to your dashboard detail page. You have now created a chart and are ready to add it to your previously created Service Portal page.

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