Create Embedded Score

To create an Embedded Score, first navigate to ‘VividCharts > Embedded Scores’ in your left-hand nav. This will open a list of existing Embedded Scores. Click ‘New’ to open a form for a new Embedded Score. On the form, fill out the required details. For this example, we added the following:

Name: Critical Incidents Last Month
Table: Incident
Aggregate type: COUNT
Conditions: Priority = Critical AND Opened on Last Month

In the ‘Score text’ field, you can enter text however you’d like, but ‘[score]’ must be present. This is where the calculated score will be entered based on the previous parameters you’ve configured.

Once everything looks good, you can click ‘Submit’. The Embedded Score is now ready to be added in a dashboard or a Narrative’s Prep Text.

You can also write your own custom script to generate the Embedded Score. To do this, simply click the ‘Scripted’ checkbox which will then present a script field which will be run server-side in ServiceNow. You can add whatever script you want to this, and simply set the variable ‘score’ to the desired value. Note: you do not have to declare the variable ‘score’ as it will already be initialized.

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