Create a Filter

In this example, we’ll create 2 VividCharts filters for our previously created dashboard. To do this, start from your dashboard detail page and click the + Add Filter button. This will take you to the filter form.

For this filter, let’s give it the following attributes:

Title Active

Table Task (Note: if you are using a table that doesn’t extend task for any of the charts on the dashboard, you’ll need to use that table here)

Display order 100 (Note: the lower the number, the further left the filter button will be relative to the other filters. The first filter is also the filter that the dashboard will initially load with)

Conditions Active is true

Once we’ve filled the form in correctly, click the Save button. This will create the filter and take you back to the dashboard detail page. Repeat the above steps to create a 2nd filter with the below conditions. Once you’ve created the 2nd filter, you should be able to preview your dashboard and see the 2 filter buttons.

Title Inactive

Table Task

Display order 200

Conditions Active is false

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