Create Prep Text

To create a new Prep Text record that can be used by a VividCharts Narrative page, start by navigating to the Narrative record that you want to add the Prep Text to. Once you are here, click the New button on the Prep Text related list tab. This will open up a form for a new Prep Text record.

On the new form, you will see the HTML field. This is the text or content that will actually show up in your Prep Text widget when added to one of your Narrative pages. This gives you the ability to update the text displayed on that page before a given presentation so you don’t have to go back into the Service Portal Page Designer. Add some text to this new record and then click Submit. We now have a Prep Text record that we will add to a Narrative page in the next step.

Navigate to the Service Portal Page Designer for the Narrative page that you want to associate you Prep Text with. Search for the Narrative Prep Text widget in the left-hand list and drag it into the layout wherever you want the text to be displayed. Once this widget is on your page, click the pencil icon on the widget to open the widget instance options. From the options menu in the Prep Text field, search for and select the Narrative Prep Text record you previously created and click Save. You have now created and linked your new Narrative Prep Text to your Narrative page. You can try it out by loading that page in a new tab.

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